Showcase your product or services

Let's use 3 columns to show off some Digital Business Card Features

  • Add your own list of benefits in columns like these...
  • With A PWA you can have your own custom app icon
  • Add a booking calendar and let prospects and clients book appointments
  • Add simple or detailed forms to capture leads or regisrations
  • Add touch to call buttons
  • Have a map and directions to your business location
  • Capture more leads and retain more clients
  • Simple or create an advanced digital business card
  • A simple digital business card or add more pages
  • Add a resume page
  • Show explainer videos or link to a webinar
  • Add a photo gallery to your

Buttons and Button Sets

Add buttons or multiple buttons in columns

Your digital business card can have one or several pages that you can link to with buttons. Link to external websites or internal webpages that you create to market yourseft or products and services that you provide.

Or blocks of text in columns

With images (or an icon) and a column for each feature



This is feature #1. You can write whatever you want in a column (even changing style), add images and also buttons



You can also add a sub-title

This block doesn't have a button but, as you can see above, it has a subtitle


Look at this column - you can even add a slider of images, just like the one right above this text. Oh, and don't forget that you can add as many columns as you want, even divided in rows as you prefer!

Or you can use a content block

With even another slider, to the right or to the left

As you see possibilities are endless, limited only by your immagination.

Everything is extremely easy to use: just pick a widget, add data (or select images and other media from our free media library) and then save - your pages will be astoundingly beautiful in a second, without the need to any designer, developer or coder!